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Here at DigiServ™ we are passionate people, passionate about hosting. We have one simple goal - to provide the very best hosting service that meet your needs. However that doesn't mean we are ever complacent. We are always very happy to receive positive feedback, and we are always here ready to listen to suggestions on how we can improve our service to you.

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I had a reseller account with many websites (cpanel acounts) transferred  to Digiserv.

It was a complicated and scary process as all my income depended on the success thereof. I am extremely gratefull and also very impressed with the service and support I received from Digiserv.

I am especially thankfull to Matt who helped me a great deal.

Thank you for the excellent service and great support.

I wish I moved to Digiserv years ago! :-)

Chanelle from The Site Shaper

I just want to thank you for your kind assistance and help with setting up my web site Pages.

At 71 years old I think I can safely say an "old dog" can be taught new tricks. Thank you - it been a great learning experience and a very interesting one. It was your knowledge and insight that spotted my problem immediately and I am happy to say solved it quickly and simply.

Thanks Again - have a great day.

Neil from

I will say at the outset being of the older generation I have been quite intimidated by the prospect of putting a Web Page on the Internet. I must say the instruction I got via e-mail are very straight forward and clear - a plus for DigiServ.

When I got down to activating the e-mail and logging into the "cpanel" I was nicely surprised at the beautiful & practical layout which I saw and think it is excellent. Very user friendly.

I am happy to say that after searching the Web for a long time I at last found a Web Hosting Provider that I feel comfortable with. So far I have not experienced any major problems but will let you or your team know if it does come up.

Neil from

I must confess I was initially a little nervous about purchasing hosting from DigiServ since I hadn't heard of you before and I had just had a less than good experience with A**host.

So far though I must confess the experience, especially with your support staff, has been top-notch. The guys have been assisting me beyond the call of duty and that counts for a whole lot in my eyes.

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our new start-up company, Superclick (Pty) Ltd, and Digiserv.

Philip from Superclick (Pty) Ltd

So far our experience with DigiServ has been beyond expected and very professional.

The support and promptness from level 1 support up to level 3 with Giles that setup our server has been exceptional.

Our main reason leaving our previous dedicated server host was due to the horrible and lack of support for a dedicated server client.

So far I am extremely happy about our move to DigiServ and will definably add more dedicated servers with DigiServ when needed.

Looking forward to a long and enjoyable hosting future with DigiServ.

Dieter from Noise Hosting

I have moved over to you guys from a UK based reseller option, and the main reason for the move was regular mail failure due to blacklisting of IP addresses. Your sales person assured me that you keep a strict control of the email situation to ensure this does not occur. So for that side of things, time will tell.

I have submitted a few tickets and have been very impressed with the quality of the replies. Your technical team seem to know their business and are very thorough, so a pat on the back for them.

It is still early days, but I am well satisfied with the service to this point.

Stuart from Promo Products

I’m very happy with the service & quick response times from the support team. The servers are very stable & fast. I will be moving all my domains currently hosted in US & UK data centers over to your servers.

Eugene from Axxil Technologies (Pty) Limited

Your web Digiserv is user friendly and interactive making the process hassle free and handy to clients.

Millie from MIShetha Schuttle Investments cc

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