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Here at DigiServ™ we are passionate people, passionate about hosting. We have one simple goal - to provide the very best hosting service that meet your needs. However that doesn't mean we are ever complacent. We are always very happy to receive positive feedback, and we are always here ready to listen to suggestions on how we can improve our service to you.

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Many thanks for all your help over the past year. 2007 was my first year in business and having DigiServ as my web "partner" as been a huge plus. The awesome server uptimes, quick team response times to my often technically-naive queries and ever-cheerful replies have made it easier for me to concentrate on my core business.


I love the ease of use, and the quick support response i receive from DigiServ. When clients of ours ask, i always tell them how great DigiServ is.

Brendt Wooi from Papyrus Services

Do you guys sell bumper stickers? I want one saying "I <3 DigiServ!" Absolutely stunning service! Well done guys - it's a pleasure doing business with you!

Louis Ferreira from 1st-hosting - South Africa

Your service is outstanding, thank you! Your efficient service and user-friendly systems makes my life and work so much easier. I see you as a crucial partner in my business.

Tharina du Preez from Ar-T Design Studio

I've had a number of web sites (my own and my clients') hosted on the Internet for a couple of years now and the previous hosting company gave me endless problems. The web sites were often not available and when I sent them an email, they'd give some silly reply until I lost my temper and then, if I'm lucky, they'd do something about it.

So, towards the middle of last year I moved my hosting to DigiServ Technologies and it's probably the best thing I could have done. I don't think my web sites have once been unavailable in the past year since I moved hosting to them.

Their support is absolutely excellent. I have often sent them requests to make some technical change on a site over weekends expecting that they'll deal with it on the Monday, but every time they have replied and dealt with my request on the same day - sometimes even late on a Saturday night. Today, a Sunday, I sent them another 2 requests and once again it was dealt with immediately. Interesting point is that their hosting is actually cheaper than the previous company I dealt with.

What a refreshing change from the average lack of service in this country.

If you're looking for web hosting solutions, I strongly recommend you look at DigiServ Technologies.

Jobs at Large

I want to express our greatest appreciation for your on going Super service.
Seriously you guys are fantastic. Also I would like to say often when you see your web site is down you think hey that must be our hosting service provider not delivering the service.

But yet again you have proved that your service is WORLD CLASS and even if as a client one is getting impatient because the web site is not accessible you handle the situation and provide an explained solution. This is so crucial and we feel that you have helped with easing the frustration we have experienced with this recent web site problem.

It really is very much appreciated that you have swift response to emails and a client really feels like they do actually matter.

MHSAGuide Team

Many thanks for this info.

I would just like to add that I am most impressed with DigiServ. Your service has been prompt, efficient and extremely professional. I will have no hesitation in recommending DigiServ to anyone who is looking for a web hosting company. Thank you!!


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