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State-of-the-art Facilities
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Top of the Line Equipment

Website, Email & Server Hosting Data Centres

A Data Centre is a secure facility used to house computer systems and associated components connected to the internet 24/7. As a web hosting business, DigiServ™ has a number of Data Centres around South Africa and in Germany which house shared and dedicated servers used to host your website(s) as well as the various components which ensure these servers run smoothly.

With a customer base as diverse as DigiServ™'s, it is important that the servers are housed in a state-of-the-art, well connected and secure facility with all the top features. Our dedicated servers, used for shared hosting and server hosting are located in the most prestigious and award winning data centres in the world. The Data Centres that house our servers are facilities with extremely tight security, reliable connectivity, redundancy and top of the line equipment.

Currently we utilize the following Data Centres for our servers,

Windows Shared and Server Hosting:

  • Data Centre Park, Samrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Data Centres 3 & 4, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Data Centre Park - Falkenstein (Saxony), Germany

Linux Shared and Server Hosting:

  • Data Centres 3 & 4, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Data Centre Park - Falkenstein (Saxony), Germany

Data Centre Park, Samrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Climate Control

N+2 redundancy on air conditioning units. When ambient temperature allows for it, direct free cooling is used. This significantly reduces power consumption and carbon footprint.


Fully redundant, physically separated A+B feeds provide power to the facility. A single utility power feed can be disconnected without interruption to service. Equipment with a single power supply also benefits from this redundancy through our sophisticated static transfer switch design. UPS backup and a standby generator on each feed provides further resilience.

Fire Protection

The facility has fire detection through Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA).


AfricaINX and Internet Solutions are primary bandwidth providers. Using two network providers significantly increases network resilience. Connectivity is provided through diverse, redundant fibre routes connecting the facility to a 10Gbps fibre ring.

Juniper Network

Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure. Virtual chassis technology increases the redundancy and resilience of the network, allowing for high levels of automation in the provisioning process. A highly responsive environment for accelerating the deployment of services.


24/7 security presence with CCTV camera surveillance. Biometric access is installed on all access points. A high voltage electric fence provides perimeter security.

Data Centre Park, Falkenstein (Saxony), Germany

The most important benefits for this innovative type of infrastructure in Falkenstein are summarized below:

  • Optimal power availability owing to redundant connections to the adjacent power station
  • Multiple high-speed fibre optic connections to Frankfurt and Nuremberg
  • Redundant layout of critical supply lines
  • Easily accessible maintenance tunnels to optimise networking between the various data centre units
  • Cost-effective establishment of air cooling and emergency power facilities
  • Over 100,000 square metres of buildable space
  • New data centres can be built in a very short space of time
  • Possible funding by investment aid scheme and GA-funding 
    (Joint Agreement for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures)
  • Low business tax
  • Potential savings in terms of data centre operating costs

Competitive Advantages

Our multiple server locations give you the choice depending on your target market. Hosting your website locally in South Africa will allow slightly faster access speeds when accessing your domain from within SA and also cater for users on local-only connectivity. Bandwidth within South Africa is still amongst the most expensive in the world and therefore bandwidth pricing is more than that of our German options.

Our Germany server options are excellent for customers who have high bandwidth requirements with a tight budget. Internet connectivity to and from Germany to the rest of the world including South Africa is excellent.

In time to come, more Data Centre locations will become available as we continue to expand our services around the world. Feel free to contact us if you require a website located in a specific country.

Data Centre Park, Germany


  • 200 Gbit/s DE-CIX
  • 100 Gbit/s AMS-IX
  • 100 Gbit/s NL-IX-FFM
  • 40 Gbit/s GE-CIX
  • 10 Gbit/s NL-IX-AMS
  • 10 Gbit/s ECIX
  • 10 Gbit/s N-IX
  • 10 Gbit/s VIX
  • 200 GBit/s Core-Backbone
  • 100 Gbit/s GTT
  • 100 Gbit/s TATA
  • 60 Gbit/s Level3
  • 30 Gbit/s Cogent0
  • 40 Gbit/s Rostelecom
  • 30 Gbit/s Noris Network
  • 20 Gbit/s Megafon
  • 20 Gbit/s Init7
  • 20 GBit/s Amazon
  • 10 Gbit/s Enviatel
  • 10 Gbit/s KabelDeutschland
  • 10 Gbit/s Leaseweb
  • 10 Gbit/s RETN
  • 10 Gbit/s Serverius



  • AC: 230V, 16A
  • Redundant UPS facilities
  • Battery mode: approx. 15 minutes
  • Diesel power generator
  • Power supply is effected by a raised floor system

Climate Control

  • Energy efficient direct free cooling (DC 10)
    N+2 redundancy (DC 10)
  • Cool Aisle Containment (DC 10)
  • Under-floor air conditioning
  • Monitoring of air temperature and server/distribution cabinets


Square Footage

  • Total area 6.850 square meter
  • Raised floor system



  • Bilingual personnel (German/English)
  • 24/7 stand-by service by qualified personnel
  • Installation work done by qualified technicians


Fire Protection

  • Modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department
  • Special door locking system



  • 24/7 camera monitoring of entrances and server rooms