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RapidSSL® Certificates
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RapidSSL certificates uniquely enable businesses to obtain low cost fully functional single root trusted SSL certificates. They are ideal for Websites conducting light levels of Ecommerce or sites that provide a secure login area. owns the root used to issue the certificates, making RapidSSL both stable and far easier to install than a chained root install certificate.

RapidSSL lowers the barrier of entry for companies that want single root SSL security by providing immediately issued certificates at the lowest cost available.

RapidSSL certificates offer 99+% browser compatibility with up to 256-bit SSL encryption to protect transactions and confidential data during transmission. RapidSSL certificates are backed by a USD $10,000 warranty for protection against mis-issuance.

These prices may fluctuate periodically in line with the dollar exchange rate

Buy New or Renew Your RapidSSL Certificates
Take advantage of our Multi-Year Discounts - secure your website for longer

1 Years @ R285/yr = R285     You save 74%
2 Years @ R240/yr = R480     You save 78%

Key Features

  • Issued within minutes, easy to setup and install
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Comes with USD $10,000 warranty
  • Secures www and non-www domains
  • Fast, automated online process - domain validation - no paperwork

Major Benefits

  • Recognized by over 99+% of browsers
  • Save BIG by utilizing our Multi-year discounts
  • Low cost fully functional single root certificate
  • Includes RapidSSL.Com® static site seal

SSL Renewal Process

SSL certificate renewal process is exactly the same as buying a new certificate. You can renew your certificate up to 90 days before it expires. Any remaining days are added onto your new certificate.

RapidSSL Static Site Seal

Display your "Secured by RapidSSL" static site seal prominently on your website to ensure that your customers are instantly assured that their details will be secured.

*** Please note that delays in issuance can be caused if your order has been flagged for additional security review by GeoTrust.