Private Label Reseller Hosting
Resell Hosting at Discounted Rates!

As an independent reseller for DigiServ™, you have all the advantages of a Web Presence Provider, without the operating costs. You provide your clients with customer service, pricing, technical support, and billing; while we supply you with substantial discounts and FREE technical support.

With our Reseller Packages, you can start your own web hosting business, add additional personal domains at discounts, offer web hosting, e-commerce and database development in addition to your current services, or setup web sites for friends and family.

Reseller Program Summary

  • Resell hosting to your friends or clients at discounted rates
  • Free Anonymous nameservers
  • Free Unbranded hosting control panel for each client
  • Free Reseller control panel to manage your domains
  • Add/Delete/Modify hosting accounts through your Reseller control panel
  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts, forwarders, aliases and auto responders
  • Each account you add receives a FTP and Mail server access
  • Add your own personal nameservers ( and
  • As a Reseller you qualify for discounts on other services we offer
  • Reseller GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Your clients have the benefits of having their own domain name (, their own e-mail addresses (, and their own virtual control panel. All the same features as your main account. New accounts can be added right through your Reseller Control Panel. Your clients will share all aspects of your account (disk space, bandwidth transfer, e-mail accounts, etc..). Your clients each receive their own allotment of features and their own web site statistics. You can design your own packages and pricing structure, should you need help regarding pricing your packages our help is at hand.

We stay hidden from your clients as we bill you directly while you bill out your clients. So you can make huge profits! We provide you with total anonymity through our anonymous name servers, with the option to add your own personal nameservers ( and DigiServ™ attempts to hide all mention and tracing of DigiServ™ for its resellers. We offer anonymous web browser control panels, anonymous name servers and anonymous shared SSL etc. at no additional charge.

To become a reseller, you must order a Reseller Package of your choice. Once you have signed up for a Reseller Package, you are able to offer your potential clients all the features listed in the Reseller Plans section. These accounts includes all the features so that you may demo them to your clients.

You are free to leave at any time. Your DigiServ™ services are on a month to month basis, without any required contract. The clients you have signed up with as a DigiServ™ reseller, are your clients. You are free to take them with you if for any reason you decide to leave us.

DigiServDOES NOT accept clientele of our resellers as direct, retail DigiServ™ customers. Your clients belong to you, and DigiServ™ will never attempt to gain their direct business. The only exception to this policy, is if the reseller is exiting the hosting business, and wants us to take over the service for their clients. The DigiServ™ reseller program is an integral part of the family of services offered at DigiServ™, and we intend to keep our resellers healthy and growing.

Reseller Key Features

  • We provide you with an allocated amount of disk space
  • Host domains without paying extra *excluding domain registration/renewal/transfer costs
  • You can add/change/delete domains in real-time through your Reseller Control Panel
  • If you have reached your allocated disk space you can purchase more!

Reseller Obligations

1. Billing: We bill you for your reseller account every month while you bill your clients in your own time. If your clients do not pay you then you are still responsible for settling your account with us. You can design your own packages and pricing structure, should you need help regarding pricing your packages our help is at hand.

2. Service Guidelines: Since your clients' domains reside on our network, our Policy and Service Guidelines still apply to resold accounts. You are responsible for making sure that your clients abide by these conditions. DigiServ™ has the right to terminate any resold account or reseller for violation of these policies.

3. Technical Support: You are responsible for providing technical support to your clients. We answer any technical support questions you may have or that you may receive from your clients and send the answers directly to you so that you are the only one in contact with your clients. 

4. Domain Names: We do not offer free domain name registrations. All domain name registrations are done in your name. You, as our client is the legal owner of the domain name and is therefore responsible for the registration fee as well as any annual renewal fees. Domain names will not be registered until we have received proof of payment.

Reseller Agreement