Web Hosting Locations
Germany and South Africa

Which Hosting Location is Best for Your Website?
You have the choice of either South Africa or Germany.

We provide our customers with a choice of either locally (South Africa) or internationally (Germany) based hosting solutions.

Cost of Bandwidth

Highly developed Internet infrastructures and competitive market conditions make bandwidth prices in Germany extremely cost effective.

The cost of bandwidth in South Africa is slowly decreasing however it is still relatively high compared to other countries. Wherever possible, DigiServ™ passes on these cost saving benefits to our customers, ensuring very competitive rates relative to local market conditions.

Transferring your hosting package to our DE hosting location is a good decision if:

  • Your website generates high volumes of traffic, resulting in an escalation of costs.
  • Your website is targeted at reaching an international market.
  • We recommend local hosting only if you are specifically targeting African markets or if you require very fast local speeds.


Hosting in South Africa (SA)
Hosting in Germany (DE)
Optimum access to local target market Optimum access to international target market
Competitive bandwidth prices within SA market Extremely low bandwidth prices
Minimal probability of international latency Websites accessed from SA load marginally slower
High speed connectivity for South African users Infrastructure between North America and Europe is excellent and a speed differential is hardly noticeable
Far smaller monthly bandwidth limits Very large monthly bandwidth limits
SA users can use Local Only ADSL packages to access services SA users will not be able to use Local Only ADSL bandwidth