Our Client Area has been updated during the past week to include many new features as listed below.

New Shopping Cart Ordering System

The all new shopping cart system has had a lot of time spent on its planning and development to ensure it is as feature rich and yet straight forward for you the client as possible. We believe that because of that time spent, it will be the best cart system available today – let’s see if you agree too!

As you would expect, it allows for multiple products, add-ons and domains to be ordered in a single order and be paid for in a single transaction. For those ordering just a single package with a domain you won’t notice much difference compared with the old single product only order form as you are guided through adding a product in the same way, but for those wanting to order more, the options are right there for you. The system will also highlight to you the client if a domain doesn’t have hosting, and provide a link to add hosting to it. It also provides a new and easier way for an existing client to order add-ons for their existing packages.

Each item can be configured and then added to the cart, and items can then have their configuration changed or be removed and shopping can then be continued. The cart also features a new streamlined checkout system which makes it clearer to you the client what you are ordering, what you are going to pay for it and when you are submitting the order. Along with the new contacts feature, it will also be possible for you to specify WHOIS details for the domains in the order that are different to their main account details and thus allow ordering of domains for others (reselling).

New Clients Contacts Feature

The clients’ contacts feature allows for multiple email addresses per client and the configuration of what type of emails they receive. Clients can manage contacts from the Client Area adding an unlimited number of additional contacts to receive emails and setting one contact as the default contact for billing. Emails will then be sent to the main account email and CC’d to any applicable contacts. The billing contact is used for the invoices payee details and submitted with any credit card payment attempts. The support ticket system will also allow tickets to be opened under the clients account if received from any email belonging to one of the contacts under your Client Area.

New Account Pre-funding

The account pre-funding of credit allows customers to add credit to their account in advance of payments being due ready to be automatically applied to invoices as they are generated. The idea of this is for situations where the client would otherwise be unable to pay, for example if they are going on holiday during the time when a payment will be due and so by adding credit this would take care of it before they leave.

Friday, December 21, 2007

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