During the past few months we have received a lot of valuable feedback and requests from clients to extend our 17-day payment term.

We have listened to all your suggestions and from the 25th of April 2008 all Invoices will now be generated 30 days prior to due date. An "Invoice Unpaid Reminder" will be emailed to you 7 days before the Invoice is due and an "Overdue Reminder" 1 day after due date. Should payment still not be received within 2 days after due date our automated billing system will suspend the account and a "Suspension" email will be sent to you.

You will also receive a "Second Overdue Reminder" 5 days after due date and a "Third Overdue Reminder" 10 days after due date. On the 14th day after due date (44 days since the Invoice was generated) the suspended account will be terminated from our servers including all website files and emails. Should you wish to re-instate your account after the termination process we would not be able to provide you with a backup since this will also be deleted from our backup servers upon termination. A re-activation fee of R55 will be charged to your account if the hosting account has been terminated.

Pleaste Note: If your primary email address is hosted on the account/domain we host and your account is suspended you will not be able to receive these email reminders. We encourage clients to login to their Client Area regularly to view any outstanding invoices under section "My Invoices". The Client Area is online 24/7 and clients can view past and current Invoices at any time without the need to request it from our Billing Department.

Over Usage Invoices for bandwidth and/or disk space are not subject to the above terms and are due on the date that the Invoice was generated. Hosting accounts for which such Invoices are generated won't be suspended until 7 days after due date.

Clients can also make use of the Pre-Funding System located in the Client Area to prevent account suspension. This is a great tool for clients who have the money now rather than later. If you find yourself able to pay for your hosting account now, but do not have an invoice to apply the payment too, the new "Add Funds" feature in the Client Area will allow you to do so.

We are confident that the change in payment terms will be welcomed and offer clients those extra few days to arrange payment.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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