DigiServ Technologies cc offers Fax2Email which is a great product and is 100% free to you, whether or not you currently are DigiServ™ customer. To get your free fax number, simply enter your email address (the address you wish to link to your fax number) in the following form, and your fax number will appear as soon as you submit the form.

Bringing fax into the 21st century

Fax documents are still one of the last remaining business communication methods that is not electronically received and stored. Not any longer. With Fax2Email you will receive your faxes as email. You will receive a personal fax number that will send faxes directly and confidentially to your email address. If you wish, fax documents may be forwarded to additional email addresses within your organization.

With Fax2Email you will receive faxes electronically, not in paper form. Now you can store fax documents the same way you store and manage other files on your PC.

Fax documents are delivered in an industry accepted format known as a tiff image, not as some proprietary format. This means no software for you to download and no software downloads for your fax recipients.

No more paper files of hard-to-read fax documents

Instead, you will have electronically stored fax documents at your fingertips whenever you need them. No need for that clunky fax machine or that expensive fax telephone line. Get into the 21st century with DigiServ Technologies cc today.

Are your customers and suppliers getting busy signals when attempting to send you orders and confirmations? With our Fax2Email service you will never get another busy signal. With just one DigiServ Technologies cc inbound fax number you can receive multiple faxes simultaneously.

Why Fax2Email?

  • Save money on paper, toner and telephone costs
  • No need for special costly software
  • Keeps you in touch anytime, anywhere
  • Provides the facility of receiving faxes without a dedicated telephone or fax
  • Allows you to receive faxes directly to your e-mail address
  • Receive simultaneous faxes
  • View the fax on your PC and print only selected pages
  • Costs nothing to receive faxes (the person sending you the fax will pay the cost as normal)
  • Multiple fax numbers can be catered for - one for every e-mail in your company
  • Your Fax2Email number will never change even if your company relocates
  • Increased confidentiality as only you have access to your incoming faxes
  • Better quality faxes than when received on a normal fax machine

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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