It is this time of the year that we look back at what we have accomplished and set our goals for the next year. With this in mind we would like to offer each and every customer something in return to say thank you for their continued support and loyalty throughout the years. After all, if it wasn't for you we would not be a success.

A lot of our new business is brought in by referrals, your word of mouth spreading the word and referring a lot of new customers to us. We have our Affiliate Program in place and a lot of customers are earning a wealthy commission each month through these referrals. We however want to extend our gratitude to you and we are hereby offering the following amazing offer to all existing customers. 

From today on, should you continue to refer new customers to us we will pay your hosting subscription for a year. Yes, that is right, you will earn 1 years hosting completely free for every 5 hosting customers that you refer to us. Now these new customers can be for a completely new domain name + hosting or simply a transfer from another web host.

To take part in this amazing offer we require that you be activated as an affiliate. When you are referring new customers to us it is important that you provide them with your affiliate URL as this will ensure that you are credited with the referral should they sign up with us. Our shopping cart is able to track these users even if they come back after 30 days and sign up with us.

If however our Affiliate system is just to technical for you or you simply don't want to partake in our Affiliate Program too then we can accommodate this decision. All that you then need to do is ask that the person whom you are referring to enter your domain name in the "Where did you hear about us" box during the ordering process. Once we have received the order we will contact you and let you know about the referral.

After the new customer has been with us for a period of 3 months, or paid for a minimum of 3 months, and you have referred 5 new customers to us we will give you 1 year of hosting completely free. If it so happens that you already qualified for a free year on your hosting we will extend this offer to an additional hosting account that you can order through us.

Our Customer Loyalty Program has been created to reward you for your loyalty to us. After all, if you referred a customer to us someone should deserve some credit for it and we believe that should be you.


* Terms and Conditions Apply

  • If a referred hosting service is cancelled within 3 months for what ever reason you will not receive the credit for the referral (ie. non-payment or AUP).
  • Any customer found to be violating or abusing our Customer Loyalty Program will have their Affiliate account closed without prior notification and all prior referrals removed from credit.


What is so different from your Customer Loyalty Program compared to other web hosts?

Other web hosts tend to only give you a percentage off your monthly bill if you refer a new customer to them. We could have simply done the same, however in doing so we feel it is not giving enough credit where it is due. We really want to show our appreciation to you, the customer, for bringing us new business and what more can you ask for if you don't have to pay your hosting for an entire year?

What happens if the person I refer to you does not pay you?

If at any time in the first 3 months after signing up the person you referred does not pay us or cancels that hosting service with us we will reverse the credit that was given to you on their signup.

Do I need to be a hosting customer to refer a friend?

Yes. You need to have at least one active hosting service with us in order to be able to benefit from the Customer Loyalty Program.

Can I sign-up on behalf of a friend and still receive the referral credit?

Unfortunately no. We require that the new sign-up (the person you referred) be a completely new customer on our systems. We therefore require that the person you are referring to us actually perform the ordering process on our web site.

My friend forgot to add my domain name in the "Where did you hear about us" box, what do I do now?

Ask your friend to email his invoice through to you and then send it through to with your domain name and Client Area username and we will investigate for you and make sure you are credited.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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