We are glad to announce that we have significantly upgraded all our Shared and Reseller hosting packages for existing customers as well as new. Our main focus was on increasing disk storage, and improve other features we already offered on hosting packages.

This has up to date been our biggest upgrade ever since we entered into this industry in 2001. As this industry has evolved with new technology, we too have evolved into a reputable web host known for reliable and affordable web hosting. Gone are the days of having hosting packages that offer only 5 or 10MB disk storage. With our latest upgrades you will have plenty of disk storage to be used for web applications, email storage or even storing your digital photo albums. 

As you know we are always trying to find ways of passing savings onto customers. Our subscriber growth during 2010 has been absolutely phenomenal and has reached record levels. Due to this increased growth (thanks to your word of mouth) we are now in a position to pass massive savings onto you. 

With our recent data centre move over to Germany we were also in a position to obtain massive amounts of storage. 

We were able to increase disk storage on majority of our hosting packages, especially on our Linux hosting servers up to 1000%, it is unheard of in this industry! Existing customers will find that their hosting packages have already been upgraded to these new limits and we believe you will welcome this upgrade. We hope customers enjoy the additional disk storage as well as increased features on hosting packages. 

We upgraded so many features on our hosting packages that it is just impossible to list all in this newsletter. Customers can therefore head over to the Comparison Matrix to view each hosting package in detail.

We have also noticed that there are still a small amount of customers on our discontinued Linux Shared and Reseller Packages. We urge these customers to urgently upgrade to our new packages which were launched in April 2009. Not only will you reap the benefits of the new features on our new packages, but you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run since these packages are cheaper. After all, there is no cost in upgrading to any of our new packages and the only charge to you will be when your subscription is due for the new hosting packages, or if you upgrade to a more expensive package than what you are currently on.

Customers can upgrade very easily by logging into their client area and performing the upgrade. Not only will our systems pro-rata your account and generate a new invoice, but should you be in credit with the upgrade our systems will automatically complete the upgrade on the server too. With just a few clicks of a button you can reap the benefits of these new packages that were launched in April 2009.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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