Since the revised contract was signed between Verisign and ICANN to maintain and manage the .COM registry in 2006, the price for the most popular TLD in the world has increased consistently over the past few years. And on January 14th, .COM prices has once again risen by a further $0.51, and .NET prices by $0.55.

With this contract, Verisign has the authority to increase .COM prices by 7% every year with a 6 month notice to its Registrars. Furthermore, a similar contract signed in June last year for .NET allows for a rise of 10%.

These price increases mean that every Registrar, like ourselves, will be forced to increase their prices, so, effective January 15th, 2012, for all DigiServ customers and resellers the pricing of the TLDs .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .US and .NAME, will increase by R20 to R149 with registration and transfer prices increasing to R189. These prices remain very competitive. Our International domain name pricing has also been adjusted to allow for the fluctuating US Dollar/Rand Exchange rates.

Local .CO.ZA domain name pricing has also been increased from R99 for renewals to R109 and R149 for registrations. We are still offering Free transfers for local domains such as .CO.ZA and .ORG.ZA.

Other News from DigiServ

We are glad to announce that we are now offering GeoTrust SSL Certificates through our Shopping Cart starting at R299 (incl. VAT) for a 1 year RapidSSL certificate. Purchase a 5 year RapidSSL certificate for R1199 and save a massive R369! We are also offering other SSL certificates such as Verisign (Symantec) and Comodo. If customers are interested in any of these products please get in contact with us.

During the coming weeks we will be making a lot of changes to our website and service offering.

- Our local cPanel (Linux) hosting packages will receive a healthy upgrade to web traffic quotas (roughly 100% increase). Over-usage rates have already been decreased from R81.92 per GB to R25 per GB. The new add-on rates are already available to customers and can be purchased through each individual client area account. Existing add-on packages will be adjusted to allow for the new pricing.

- Our local Windows 2003 (WebsitePanel) hosting packages will be officially launched to DigiServ customers and resellers.

- We will be launching our Unmanaged (Root) dedicates servers hosted at MTN Business SA in Cape Town while our international servers will be hosted in Germany. Our Unmanaged dedicated server packages are very competitively priced with local servers starting from R1145 per month and our international servers from R795 per month. Our Managed dedicated servers will also be updated with new traffic quotas, our over-usage rates have already been decreased to R15 per GB.

- Customers will soon be able to purchase Anti-Malware services from GeoTrust and Verisign (Symantec) directly through our website.

- We are currently in the process of finalizing our Free cPanel account transfer policy. DigiServ customers as well as resellers will be able to utilise this free service by requesting a cPanel account transfer from us. We will transfer the cPanel account, free of charge, from the previous host, or between our own servers. Each hosting plan will receive a certain number of free cPanel to cPanel account transfers. This service requires an active cPanel account on the remote server. This service will not just be for new customers but also for current DigiServ customers (incl. resellers) wishing to transfer additional cPanel accounts from other providers over to us, or between our local and international servers.

We will keep all customers informed through our Announcement section when each of the above services have been launched or updated.

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & New Year, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

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