DigiServ is delighted to announce the launch of this new product. Due to our partner relations with GeoTrust we are able to bring you this highly recommended product. Available only to GeoTrust partners we are able to offer a massive cost savings of 52% from the retail price.

GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan helps you identify malware strains that could affect your site and also assures your customers that their sites are safe and have been scanned for malware by displaying an anti-malware seal from GeoTrust, which we all know is one of the most popular SSL and web security brands on the planet.

Dont' be a hacked site. Get a daily anti-malware scan for less than R2 per day! Sign up today and receive this amazing product at only R699 per year (Retail Price approximately R1500 per year).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

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