Dear DigiServ customers,

We received a lot of feedback yesterday regarding our new hosting packages and these automated upgrades taking place this week. We all here at DigiServ would like to thank you for your valuable feedback! We would also like to clear up some confusion regarding these upgrades and our new packages on offer.

Our new hosting packages, pricing and features were all carefully calculated and put together based on hundreds of messages of feedback and suggestions/requests received from you the customer. As majority of our customers are now hosted on local servers we designed our new packages primarily around our local servers. We always bundled our hosting packages together as many of you know with the only differences being in bandwidth quotas for our international servers and local. 

It was brought to our attention yesterday from many of you who are still hosted on our offshore servers in Germany, that the new packages are in fact over prized and too expensive in comparison to previous packages offered. This is mainly due to how we restructured our new hosting packages, primarily around our local servers to offer customers substantial bandwidth at more affordable rates. This obviously had an impact on newer packages for our Offshore servers as the pricing and disk space quotas remained the same between the two hosted locations.

We did however hear your concerns and have now introduced newer packages only for our Offshore Hosting. We have also separated our Local Hosting packages and Off Shore Hosting packages available on our website. These packages are no longer bundled and customers will notice that our Offshore Hosting packages received a very reasonable increase in disk space quotas.

This will also make it simpler and less confusing for customers. Customers will now know exactly how much bandwidth they get and no longer have to select the sever location during sign-up. Hosting packages are therefore indicated with either SA or DE during checkout on our shopping cart, thus indicating the server location for the specific package chosen.

We kept pricing the same for both hosted locations (Local Hosting & Offshore Hosting) however there is a clear difference in features between these packages. Our Offshore hosting is still the cheapest option while our Local Hosting packages are extremely competitive in this industry with focus on larger bandwidth quotas.

We also received a lot of feedback that customers are trying to compare "apples" with "apples" and we must reiterate that our newer packages are completely different from previously offered and can therefore not be completely compared with our previous packages. Our Entry Level packages are targeted for small inexpensive websites, generally for private customers while our Professional packages are targeted towards businesses and larger websites that require a lot more resources, not only in terms of disk and bandwidth quotas but also physical CPU power and RAM (Memory) requirements.

Our Beginner packages are targeted for "beginners" either starting out in website hosting or reseller hosting. Our Shared Entry Level Beginner package is therefore ideal for customers wanting to either test our servers or want to start setting things up and then eventually upgrade to a higher package once they are familiarised with the hosting environment, service and control panel. This specific package is therefore not meant for business websites and more private customers just starting out in website hosting.

Similarly our Reseller Entry Level Beginner package is targeted towards resellers just starting out in this industry. These packages allows for substantial growth while resellers get used to the reseller control panel and the business of reselling. We do however understand that certain resellers would still like to use this package as they are hosting less than 50 hosting accounts which we do not have a problem with.

We would also like to clarify on when our older Entry Level and Pro packages will be phased out. For the time being we have no plans until such time when these packages are too expensive for our customers. Every year local hosting is getting more affordable with bandwidth rates being reduced by networks in South Africa. In 3 years time people hosting on our older Entry Level and Pro packages may require additional bandwidth as well as disk space and they may find that they are overpaying for these services. When the time comes these packages will be too expensive for our customers and we will give customers time to upgrade.

An upgrade process is quite simple from our side. We do not need to move data or the account unless it is being moved between internal servers (migrated) in Germany and South Africa. The upgrade is therefore done in place on the existing servers, it takes less than 10 seconds to complete and there is absolutely no downtime associated with the upgrade/downgrade.

Our hosting packages from before April 2009 were phased out April 2009, however we still had a handful of customers hosted on these packages. We are dropping support for these phased out packages because they are just too expensive for our customers. We do not believe in over charging our customers and always offer services at a very affordable rate.

For instance, our Shared Linux Budget package offered customers 100 MB of Disk Space and 200 MB of local bandwidth for R42 per month with the lack of many features offered today on our newer packages. For this price customers can change over to our Local Entry Level Home package for R39.95 with 2 GB of Disk Space and 10 GB of local bandwidth per month. Customers on these old packages are therefore considerably overpaying for disk space and bandwidth and we are therefore upgrading these few customers still left on these packages. 

These type of hosting packages were introduced in June 2007 (5 years ago) and we cannot expect customers to pay for these packages in 2012 when website hosting is considerably cheaper. As an example: Would you like to keep your old mobile phone from 5 years ago, pay the same rates you did in 2007 and be happy with it? No, today the market is flooded with newer cell phone packages and new phones at much cheaper rates. The service industry is evolving constantly and so too is the hosting industry. 

If anyone has questions regarding our new packages please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department at Our phone system is heavily overloaded since yesterday and customers will be able to get a quicker response via email.

Thank you again for your continued support!


The DigiServ Team 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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