Why is my COZA zone not published?

If your domain was recently deleted and re-registered, you may be affected by the COZA zone not being published until payment has been received. A domain’s email and website will not function unless the zone has been published. An example of the error message you will receive from UniForum (COZA Registrar) is below:

“Please make payment for this domain to have it published in the co.za zone.“

To prevent abuse of UniForum’s post-payment set-up UniForum have changed their system to force payment for a domain that was recently deleted and re-registered.

Once UniForum have informed us of a domain name that falls in this category, we will be in contact with you. Payment will need to be made by you directly to the registry. Please allow at least 6 hours for the zone to be published after payment has been made and processed by UniForum.

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