Why do you keep closing my tickets or merging them?

We highly encourage customers to keep all support requests relating to the same query or problem in one single ticket.

When multiple tickets are opened regarding the same query or problem, mutliple support agents may work on the same issue. This can lead to confusion and delays while the support ticket is attended to multiple times. In addition, you are taking valuable time away from other customers where that available support agent could attend to other customers requests.

Please do not submit multiple tickets regarding the same query or problem, it will not get you a faster response, in many cases it will delay our response to you as we have to deal with the same problem or request multiple times. Opening multiple tickets on a constant basis is considered abuse and can lead to your account being suspended for 24 hours. Forwarding the same email to multiple departments is also considered as abuse. During the temporary 24 hour suspension we will not attend to any of your support requests and all current open tickets will be closed.

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