What happens if my payment is not received by the due date?

All invoices should be settled within 7 days after due payment date. Late payment may lead to the web hosting packages being suspended. If the invoice remains outstanding it goes onto Bad Debt (21 days after due payment date) there is risk of losing domain names and website content. We don’t keep backups for longer than 48 hours after service termination.

In the event of late Payment
Debit Order Rejection:

Debit orders are processed on the first working day of every month. A rejected debit order invoice is changed to a manual payment such as ‘Bank Transfer’ or 'Direct Bank Deposit' and will accrue a handling fee of R125 per rejection. Service re-activation will only ocurr when the invoice is settled in full.

Email and SMS Notification:

  1. An Invoice Unpaid Reminder is sent 7 days before the invoice due date.
  2. The 1st Overdue Reminder is sent 1 day after the invoice due date, informing you of that your service will be suspended in the next 6 days and discontinued (terminated) in 20 days time.
  3. The 2nd Overdue Reminder is sent 5 days after the invoice due date, informing you of that your service will be suspended within the next 48 hours and discontinued (terminated) in 16 days time.
  4. The 3rd Overdue Reminder is sent 10 days after the invoice due date, informing you of that your service will be discontinued (terminated) in 11 days time.
  5. If payment is not received within the allocated 21 days after due date, there is a risk of discontinuation (termination) of your hosting services if payment is delayed.

Deactivation: The process escalates as follows:

Should payment not be forthcoming and not reflect on DigiServ’s bank statement, the services listed on the outstanding invoice will be deactivated 21 days after due payment date. (Note: All domains that form part of your Shared or Reseller plan will also be deactivated should you default in payment)

DigiServ will accept no responsibility for any loss of data or transactions during this period.

Bad Debt: After Account Termination

Should payment not have been received, the web hosting package will be terminated (and the domain name will be deleted). You will then be referred to DigiServ`s Debt Collectors Attorneys.
The web hosting packages will be reactivated on full settlement of outstanding payments (subject to a re-activation fee or another set-up fee if applicable).

When making payment, use your Invoice # or Customer/Client ID as payment reference.

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