What is the proceedure to transfer my .CO.ZA domain name to you?

If your domain is currently residing on the CO.ZA (UniForum) Legacy system:

When you have completed a domain name transfer order form through our website, a domain name transfer request will be sent off to the domain authority. The purpose of this transfer request is to move your domain name over to the CO.ZA EPP reigstry system at ZA Central Registry.

Once the transfer request has been sent off, voting "tickets" will be sent to all the domain "guardians" as listed on the WHOIS database for your domain name. In other words, the people listed as the Domain Owner, Administrative Contact, Billing Contact, etc, will all receive voting tickets to either approve or reject the transfer request.

In order for the domain transfer to be successful, at least one of the "guardians" must approve the ticket. Should any one of the "guardians" reject the transfer request, the update will be declined even if someone else has voted to approve the domain transfer.

The transfer of a .co.za domain name takes 24 hours from the time that a domain transfer has been sent off. Note: In order for the domain update to be successful first time around, it is strongly advised that you contact the company that is currently administering your domain name and inform them that you will be transferring your domain. This transfer request is usually required in writing.

If your current hosting company or ISP is not aware that you will be transferring your domain name, they will simply decline the transfer request which will lead to unnecessary delays. If you are unsure as to who the "guardians" of your domain name are, simply submit a support ticket and we will provide you with this information.

If your domain is on the CO.ZA EPP system at ZA Central Registry:

Once you have placed an order for the transfer of your domain name on the EPP registry system, a transfer request will be sent to the registrant email address of the domain. The transfer will complete immediately once it has been approved by the registrant. The registrant has 5 days to approve or decline the transfer request. If no votes are received after 5 days the transfer will fail.

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