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Our control panel extends the versatility of its email system by allowing you to access any one of your email accounts through its own web mail interface. You have the choice of accessing all mail through the web, or any of your private pop email accounts. Gone are the days of having to create several email accounts on various free html based mail systems, as now you have your own, which operates from "your account."  

Accessing your mail through the web mail interface:

1. Login to the control panel (
2. Select "Add/Remove POP Accounts"

Beside the email account you wish to access, Select the "Read WebMail" button. A username and password prompt will appear, and are the same as the username and password you created with that particular account. NOTE: Remember to use the "full' email address as the account login name for the account you're accessing. 

The first screen you'll see:

If it's the first time you're accessing this email account through WebMail, a setup screen appears. Actually, all this really does is display how you'll be identifying yourself in email messages. Everything is pretty much the same as what you setup the "original pop mail account" with, however check it closely and make sure everything is appearing as you want it.

Does everything look correct?

If so, then click "Save" and a dialog box pops up, which confirms your settings as being saved successfully. Click "Continue" and you'll be taken to your WebMail inbox. To the top left of the screen, you'll observe the following icons.   Clicking on any one of them will do the following.

Compose a new message
Refresh the screen
View user preferences
Open address book
View or add new folders
Empty your trash folder

To delete or move a message, select the small box beside it.  Select where you which to place it using the drop down menu (top right of screen), then click "Move".

- Open address book, allows you to add and edit email address's . You can also export your Outlook or Netscape Address Book, which equips your account with all the email address's you currently use.
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