How do I change my e-mail password?

You can change your e-mail password in one of two ways.

1.  Log into Helm, click the Domains icon, choose your domain name from the resulting list, then click the E-Mail Accounts (POP3) icon. Next, click the e-mail address you want to change the password for from the e-mail list. You will then see the password and confirm password boxes where you can reset your e-mail password for that account. Click Save when you're finished.

2.  In some cases, it may not be feasible or you may not want to allow users to log into the Helm control panel to change their password. In this case, users can change their password through the webmail interface. To log into webmail, go to and log in with your current e-mail address and password. Once logged in, click the Settings menu at the top of the page. Then, click the Accounts link at the left side of the page. Choose your e-mail account from the list (if it is not already selected) and click the Modify button. You will then see a place to change your password. Click the Save Changes button when finished.
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