How do I use webmail to check my e-mail?

We offer a free webmail service which allows you check your e-mail from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a web browser. Just visit

NOTE: You need to already have set up a mail account in Helm first.

Once on the webmail login page, enter your FULL e-mail address (not just the username part) and your e-mail password. You can also encrypt your login information (recommended) by checking the appropriate checkbox, and you can also choose SSL mode to ensure your transaction is secure (disregard the warning message that may pop up--the session is still secure).

Once you've logged in, you can view, write, delete, and do much more with your e-mail. Note, there is a 20 MB limit on mail box storage. Once you've hit the 20 MB limit, mail will be rejected to your account. There is a usage meter at the top of the webmail window that tells you how much space you're using. If it turns yellow, then you should empty your trash or delete items out of your inbox. Once it turns red, people will not be able to send e-mail to you.

Keep in mind webmail and your POP mail share the same mail space on the server. By viewing mail in webmail, you're reading mail on the server before you actually download it into your mail client (such as Outlook). Once you've downloaded it into Outlook, the mail will disappear out of webmail and free up your 20 MB limit.  You do have the option of creating mail folders in webmail to store mail you want to be available to you on the road. Webmail stored in folders will never be downloaded by mail client software, and is counted toward your 20 MB limit.
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