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 Can I use your company to host my Web site if my domain is registered elsewhere?

Yes. Even if your domain name is registered with another registrar you can still host with us....

 What are the common reasons for high disk usage?

In most cases, disk space is taken up by large email boxes. It is important to identify the...

 What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method used to transfer files between your computer and the web...

 What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a secure method for logging into a server remotely and giving the server...

 What is a Sub Domain?

A sub domain is an easy way to create a memorable web address for various areas of your site. For...

 What will happen if I don't pay for my traffic over-usage?

Should clients refuse to pay for their traffic over-usage, DigiServ will be forced to take...

 Why is traffic so much more expensive in South Africa when compared to international hosting companies?

There are various factors contributing to the high cost of bandwidth in South Africa, a lack of...