How can I pay?

Payments can be made through Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer (Internet Banking/EFT), or Debit Order.

When making a payment into our bank account (EFT/Internet Banking) you need to clearly indicate either;
1.) your domain name or
2.) your invoice number as reference on the deposit.
3.) your Customer ID.

Our banking details can be locate don your Tax Invoice, near the bottom just above the Transactions section. You can also view our banking details here.

Once the payment is completed, in order to speed up the process and validate payment, please email or fax your proof of payment to us. E-mail:, Fax 086 565 0039

Debit Orders can be done through your bank by you, the client. Alternatively you can complete our Debit Order Instruction Form by clicking on the link below:

Please complete the following form and return to us by Fax to 086 565 0039 or by E-Mail to:

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