Why do my emails bounce to your Support Department?

When you reply or send an email to our Support Department, without using your registered contact email address in our client area, you may receive the following bounced message:

"This is an automated response to advise that your email to our support system could not be accepted because it was not recognized as coming from an email address belonging to one of our customers. If you need assistance, please email from the address you registered with us that you use to login to our client area."

This means your email has not reached our Support Department. To avoid any miscommunication please proceed as detailed below:

  1. Send/reply using your emails address that you have registered as the contact email address in your Client Area (in the My Details section)
  2. Or login in your client area, go to the Support Tickets section and reply through there in the support ticket. (Recommended)
  3. If you wish to use another email address to reply, login in your Client Area, go to the My Details > Manage Contacts section and add your new email address details there giving it the ticket reply permission. After this you will be able to reply by email using the new email address too and your replies will go through the support system.
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