What is SmarterStats and how do I enable it?

SmarterStats is a statistical analysis package that, if available on your plan, can give you detailed information and trend analysis for all the web traffic coming to your web site.  This is useful if you want to know how many people have visited your site, what page is the most popular, what were the biggest sites referring traffic to your site, and so on.  SmarterStats is a comparable package to LiveStats, if you're familiar with that software.

SmarterStats can be installed in the following manner:

1.  Ensure your plan comes with SmarterStats as an available feature.

2.  Log into the Helm control panel with the username/password you received via e-mail when you signed up (or the new password you may have changed to).

3.  Go to your domain's main menu where you can edit all the features of your specific domain.

4.  Click the Statistics icon from the domain main menu.

7.  Click the Enable button next to SmarterStats in the Advanced Statistics section.  If you don't see this option, then you don't have SmarterStats as part of your plan.

8.  Open another browser window and go to http://stats.yourdomain.com. You should get a SmarterStats login screen.

9.  Enter "domain.com" for SiteID (without the quotes, where domain.com is your domain name.  DO NOT enter the www part of your domain name).  Enter "siteadmin" as the username (again, without the quotes).  And then enter your Helm Control Panel password as it was at the time you installed SmarterStats (if you changed your password after you initially logged into Helm and then installed SmarterStats, you will need to use the new password).

10.  Voila!  You are now viewing the stats for your site.  Depending on how far back your log files go, you might see a message that says your stats is unavailable after you first log in.  This is because SmarterStats now has to import all your log files so it may take a while.  Please be patient and check back in an hour or two and things should be displaying fine.
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