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E-Mail POP3 Accounts

In this case, you configure a "private" pop email account for one or many users who will be receiving and sending email from your domain. Once an email address is configured as a pop mail account, it operates privately and independently from your main standard/default mail system. Any mail sent to a private pop mail account "can only be received" by logging into that account with the separate username and password you have assigned it.

POP3 accounts are useful if there are a number of people (for example employees) who would each need a private email account. This way, everyone at your company can utilize private email. 

How to configure a pop mail account:

Configuring a Pop Email Account

1. Login to your control panel (
2. Select "Add/Remove POP Email Accounts"
3. Select "Add Account"
4. Enter an email name & Password
5. Select "Create"
Just enter a name, (the @yourdomain part is added automatically)

That's it, done! Your private POP 3 Email Account is now ready for use. If you're a little lost on how to manually configure an email account into your mail reader, please see the detailed tutorials on how to configure Outlook and Outlook Express mail readers.

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