How do I get the FrontPage search to work with my site?

To use the powerful built-in search capability of FrontPage to easily index all files in your site, you'll need to perform the following steps:
1. Install FP extensions on your site.
2. Next, create a search page on your site through the built-in search page template in FrontPage.
3. Publish the page. 
4. Open a support ticket with us and we will create the catalog on your web site that FP extensions will use to index files in your site.
You will now be able to search the following files in your site:
Indexing is very powerful and will index everything on your site.  If you only want specific directories searched, you need tell us that in your trouble ticket so we can ensure only those directories are indexed in the catalog.
Note: Windows Server 2003 now only supports Microsoft Indexing Service.  WAIS is no longer supported.  If you are coming from an older provider, you need to ensure that the following line is changed in the code view of your search page:
Change b-useindexserver="0" to b-useindexserver="1"
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