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How do I set up new POP mail accounts in the Helm Control Panel?

You'll need to log into Helm to start setting up your e-mail account. To do this, log into the Helm Control Panel by going to using the username/password you were sent in your welcome e-mail (or use your new password if you changed it).

Once you have logged in, click the "Domain" icon. On the domains page select the domain that you want to add the mail account to and you will be taken to that domain's main menu. Click the "Email Accounts (POP3)" icon. You will see a list of all configured mail accounts. By default, Helm sets up a *Catch All* account called called with a password of the default Helm password (in your welcome e-mail). This account is the default account that "catches" mail sent to your domain when a mailbox doesn't exist. For example, someone sends an e-mail to but the sales mailbox hasn't been created yet. So the mail for sales gets moved to the catch all account and you won't lose the e-mail. You can make any mailbox the catch all mailbox. However, it is generally a good practice to delete the *Catch All* account unless you're absolutely certain you'll need it because it can be a trap for SPAM and increase your total mailbox usage over your limits.

Now, click the "Add New" button. You will then see a place to enter the name of your mail account (for example joe). Notice that there is an following the space where you enter the account name. This means your full e-mail address will be Enter a password and confirm it in the appropriate fields. You can opt to make the account a catch all (not recommended) and you can also enable an Auto Responder which allows you to automatically send a pre-formatted reply to every e-mail that comes in (for example "I'm on vacation and will return in a week" or "Thank you for contacting sales. We'll reply shortly".

You can also opt to store the e-mail in your mailbox, but also forward a copy to another e-mail account (for example, your Hotmail account). Just enter the full e-mail address you want to forward to. Keep in mind this uses up mailbox space because you're still keeping copy stored locally and will have to download it to your mail program before your mailbox fills up. If you just want to forward mail somewhere, but not store it locally, use E-mail Forwarding instead (next to the E-Mail Account (POP3) icon on the main menu for your domain).

Click the "Save" button and you can now connect to this account using a POP3 mail account in programs such as Netscape and Miscrosoft Outlook. Further instructions on configuring your mail program with the e-mail account you just configured can be located in our Knowledge Base by clicking here or visiting our Flash tutorials page at

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