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How do I configure my POP mail account in Outlook Express 5?

These instructions are designed to provide information on how to properly configure your POP e-mail account in Outlook Express 5.

NOTE: Please make sure you've created your e-mail account and password in your control panel first.

1. To begin, open Outlook Express and select Tools > Accounts from the top navigation bar. The window below appears:

Click on the Add button. Enter your name the way you want it to appear to other people when other people get email messages from you. Click Next.

Enter your full email address. Example: [Hint: E-mail addresses aren't case sensitive and don't contain spaces.] Click Next.

Configure your E-Mail Server Names.

  • First, make sure the incoming server type is set to POP3.
  • Second, enter (where is the name of your web site hosted with us) for BOTH incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) servers.
  • Click Next
    NOTE: If your ISP blocks the default port 25 to our network you will need to change the port to 26 which is our secondary SMTP port setup for such cases.

    5. Configure your Internet Mail Logon
  • First, enter your full email address in the Account Name field. (this must be configured in your control panel first)
  • Second, enter the password you will use to connect to that account. (the one you used when you created the mail account in your control panel)
  • Third, once you've entered your password, if you don't want to be prompted to enter your password every time you start Outlook Express, check the "Remember Password" check box. NOTE: DO NOT check the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" checkbox.
  • Click Next.

    You should receive the screen below. Click Finish to save your new settings.

    Your Outlook Express account has been set up. Click Close to exit the set up process. You're ready to send/receive e-mail.

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE! Due to a limitation in Outlook Express 5.0, you may need to do a manual receive first when trying to connect to your mail account. If you don't, you may get a relaying denied message when you try to send mail. This is a limitation of Outlook Express 5.0 only and doesn't occur in newer versions of Outlook Express. To manually check mail, click the Send/Receive dropdown menu item and perform a manual receive. Then you can do a normal send/receive.

    [HINT! Did you know Outlook Express can send/receive e-mail for multiple accounts? Repeat these steps to configure multiple accounts]

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