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What is an Auto Responder?

An auto responder is an automated reply to an incoming e-mail.  Thus, if you configure an auto responder on, say, your sales mailbox it might say something like "Thanks for contacting our sales department. Someone will contact you shortly" and then this reply would go out any time someone sent an e-mail to your sales mailbox.  

An auto responder could also be used as a temporary "I'm out of the office" message as well.

We highly discourage the use of auto responders as it could get your domain blacklisted including our mail serves. The reason for this is that if you receive a phishing/SPAM message, your auto responder generates an email to that sender email address. In most cases a fake sender email address is used, however that mailbox could exist on the Internet. Should that be the case the real person will receive the auto responder message making it SPAM. In effect you have spammed too and can therefore get blacklisted.

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