I am getting over quota messages when trying to send or receive mail

If you're trying to send/receive an e-mail and you're getting over-the-limit messages, you've probably hit the max space limit on your mail account, which is currently 20 MB. You have to take into account mail folders stored in webmail such as the trash and sent items folders, which count toward your overall limit. For example, if you have 17 MB of storage space being used up on the mail server and you try to send a 4 MB file with the save to sent items folder checked, you'll receive an over-the-limit error because the e-mail will be copied into your sent items folder pushing your storage over the 20 MB limit.

To resolve this issue, ensure your webmail trash and sent items are not taking up a lot of your 20 MB storage limit. If so, either delete the e-mails, or copy them to your webmail inbox and then do a send/receive with your desktop mail client to download the e-mail locally and remove it from the mail server. You will then be able to send/receive again up to 20 MB.

Remember, it only takes one 20 MB attachment to max out your e-mail storage and prevent future e-mails from being received, so it's always best to occasionally download your e-mail stored on the servers to your home/office PC.
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