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How to do a ping using Windows XP?


This article explains how to use theping program within Windows XP. Ping is a TCP/IP utility which allows users to ascertain whether a specified destination is reachable across an IP network. Using interval timing and response rate, ping estimates the round-trip time (generally in milliseconds) and packet loss (if any) rate between your computer and a specified destination.

  • Click Start > Run
  • Enter in "cmd" and press enter (your command window should now be open)
  • In the command windows type "ping [address]" and press enter
Your ping should now be running, it may take a few seconds to complete.

Note: If we have requested the ping data please copy it by right clicking on the title bar at the top of the command prompt and clicking edit. You may now select text, once selected to copy it to your clipboard simply right click.

For further information on traceroutes please see:

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