Spam and Virus Protection

We currently utilize ASSP on all our cPanel Linux servers as well as our local Windows servers. On our cPanel servers you can access ASSP under Mail > SPAM ASSP to adjust your spam filters, view mail logs and whitelist/blacklist specific senders.

As described on ASSP website and WIKI, ASSP could be considered the absolute best SPAM and VIRUS fighting weapon that the world has ever known. ASSP includes RBL, Bayesian filter, SPAM report, HELO SPF PTR MX A records checks, Penalty box, Delaying (greylisting), URIBL, BombRe, Clamd antivirus integration and more.....

To find out how to use the Spam control, just send an email to

If you see an email in your inbox, with the subject [SPAM], but the email isn't spam, you can forward the email to "" - replacing "" with your actual domain name. -- for whitelist additions -- to report spam that got through -- to report miscategorized spam

Assuming that your local-domain is,

To add addresses to the whitelist, create a message to
- You can either put the addresses in the body of the message, or as recipients of the message.

To report spam that got through, simply forward the mail to
- It's best to forward it as an attachment, but you can just forward it normally if you must.

The process is the same to report a False Positive, but send it to

Everytime you email a friend, college, or client, the recipients email address is added to your whitelist. A whitelist is a list of email addresses, which will not be checked for spam, and is considered a safe list. The spam system is still being "trained" on what is spam, and what not. The more you contribute to it, the better it will work.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact our support team at

NOTE: Please do not create these special accounts in your cPanel. To send to these addresses please ensure you have SMTP Authentication enabled when sending through If you are forced to "RELAY" through your ISP's mail server you will not be able to send to these addresses. Alternatively you can use webmail.

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