How do I manually configure DNN 4.x?

  1. First, DO NOT enable FrontPage extensions on your domain. It removed write privileges needed by DNN to run. If you have done this already, contact us and we'll reset your permissions.

  2. Enable .NET2 on your domain. To do this, go to the Web Site Settings area in Helm for your domain. This can be found by logging into Helm, clicking the Domains icon, clicking your domain from the resulting list, then clicking the Web Site Settings icon on the domain's main menu. Next, select .NET2 from the .NET version dropdown menu and click Save. You are now running .NET2 on your site.

  3. Set up a MS SQL DB on your domain. To do this, click the Databases icon from the main menu of your domain in Helm. Create a new Database, then create a new DB user and password. Write this information down because you'll need it later.

  4. Download the DNN 4.x Installation package from . Unzip the package on your local hard drive. RENAME the "release.config" file in the root of the package you just unzipped and call it "web.config" then and open it in a text editor like Notepad or WordPad.

  5. Modify the web.config according to the "dnnhelp" post at the bottom of the following page on the DNN forums

  6. Be sure to enter your DB details for the DB you created above into the and areas once you've adjusted the web.config according to the step above.

  7. Save the modified web.config and FTP all the files to your wwwroot on the server.

  8. Browse to your root of your web site on the server and the installation should proceed automatically.  Note, the site may take a while to pull up initially as the .NET assemblies get loaded and cached.  The site should speed up after the initial load.
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