How do I connect to my database in my scripts?

To connect to your database from your scripts, use the connection information found on the Update Database page within Helm.  To get there, click the database manager icon in Helm for your domain, then choose your database.

DO NOT use the MS SQL management IP address to connect to your database.  This is in violation of the acceptable use policy.

You can connect using a Data Source Name (DSN) by first creating your database in Helm, then creating an ODBC DSN in Helm to that database. When you connect to your database in your scripts, you can reference the DSN instead of the actual server name or IP.

For MS Access databases, if you need to use the full path (such as may be required in an Access connection string), go to the Web Site Settings page for your domain in Helm. You'll see the full path to your domain root there.  Follow that path with \db (i.e. c:\domains\\db).  This assumes you have copied your Access database to the \db directory of your domain root.
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