Do you have any Image Resize Components I can use?

Yes, we have several Image Resize components that are free for your use with all hosting accounts.

Coldfusion:  We use the custom tag CFX_image that allows you to dynamically resize your images using this ColdFusion tag.  This tag has very good performance and is the only image resize tag we support for ColdFusion.

Instructions on using this script can be found by downloading the zip file at which contains sample usage scripts and instructions.  Note, the tag is already installed on our servers so you do not need to request installation.

ASP/ASP.NET:  We use ASPImage and ASPJpeg.

For instructions on using ASPImage, please visit

For instructions on using ASPJpeg, pease visit

PHP/Perl:  You can use the built-in PHP GD2 component, or ImageMagick, which works with both PHP and Perl.

For instructions on using GD2, visit

For instructions on using ImageMagick, visit
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