Legal Notices
Bandwidth Usage Policy

DigiServ™'s bandwidth policy is simple!

Accounts are granted a bandwidth limit that is determined by the plan or package that they sign up for or that they upgrade to. Accounts will be automatically suspended by the server once they reach or exceed their respective bandwidth limit. Accounts will remain suspended until they have either purchased additional bandwidth or the current billing month ends. New monthly billing cycles begin on the 1st of the month.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, additional bandwidth will not be added to accounts automatically once they reach or exceed their bandwidth limit.

DigiServ™ provides a bandwidth figure in your control panel.

Please note that because the bandwidth is monitored at the port, any and all traffic for your Web Site is tracked including, but not limited to: FTP uploads and downloads, mail sending and retrieval, normal Web traffic, etc. Everything that is pushed from our server to a third-party's machine is considered bandwidth and will be measured.

We have designed this policy because many users find that hosts offer "unlimited" bandwidth only to find out that it has a very real bandwidth limit. Further, they place restrictions on what you can use the bandwidth for (i.e. no image galleries because they are a large source of bandwidth consumption). We tell you up-front how much bandwidth you are allocated each month and you have the full amount to use. 

We calculate bandwidth traffic on the following ports on all Hosting Packages:

  • HTTP (web site traffic)
  • EMAIL (sending and receiving)
  • FTP (uploading and downloading)