Legal Notices
Disk Space Usage

Depending on the hosting package you have with us, you are given a certain amount of disk space to use on your account. This is commonly referred to as your disk quota, disk space, disk storage or simply your quota. You must remain at or under this disk space limit at all times or certain aspects of your account will cease to work. In addition to this rule you must also adhere to the following guidelines.

All accounts must remain under a 100,000 disk inode limit or 25 000 disk inodes per folder. An inode is equal to one (1) file on your hosting account. Every file that you upload to your hosting account and every e-mail message on your hosting account consists of at least one file.

All files that are larger than 10MB must be publicly accessible from the Internet on your account. This means these files must be inside your public_html folder or inside the wwwroot of your account. This excludes any user backups that you may have on your account.

Hosting large amounts of files that are not associated with your website is not permitted.

The hosting service cannot be used as a backup service, electronic file archiving system, or for any other service that is not typically associated with hosting a website. Using our servers as a personal storage facility is not permitted. Any content stored must be directly related to the website(s) in question.

Mailboxes that build up large volumes of email without being accessed are not allowed (e.g. catchall mailboxes or bounce message mailboxes). The primary cause of excessive disk usage can be due to customers having their catchall address enabled, yet never checking their primary account mailbox. Over time, tens of thousands of messages build up, pushing the account past our file limit.

Users are allowed to have one backup of their account present on their account at any one time. If you wish to create a new backup of your account you need to download and delete the current backup on your hosting account before creating a new backup.

Accounts that exceed these limits or provisions or attempt to circumvent these regulations may have their account disabled, suspended, or terminated with or without notice.

Where applicable, clients are sent daily/monthly emails from DigiServ™ notifying you of any domains that have exceeded the allocated disk space quota, providing an opportunity to reduce disk space or upgrade to a higher account in order to avoid unnecessary charges for over-usage.

Over-usage Billing

An important note is that DigiServ™ will round off over-usage to the nearest 5MB. For example, a Windows 2003 Basic account with a quota of 5MB is currently using 8MB of disk space, which is 3MB of over-usage. DigiServ™ Technologies will not charge for this additional usage. However, should the client increase usage to 11MB, DigiServ™ will round off over-usage and charge R5 for the extra 5MB block.

Other Information

In order for DigiServ™ to operate with greater efficiencies and for our clients to have the flexibility and control of actively managing their disk space, an automated system tracks and notifies for over-usage.

Clients can regularly monitor their disk usage by logging into their respective control panel, which will give clients a reading of the total size of the account together with a summary of individual folder sizes.