Legal Notices
Hardware Policy

DigiServ™ provides a standardised hardware platform to all its managed and semi-managed customers and remains entirely responsible for the maintenance of the hardware. It is understood that the customer retains the hardware selected at the time of ordering for the duration of his stay at DigiServ™.

Should the customer decide to upgrade to a new hosting package with different hardware specifications to his current server, he will be required to pay the setup fee for the new package.

In the event of hardware failure, DigiServ™ guarantees repair or replacement of the said hardware.

In the case of our Unmanaged Dedicated Servers, DigiServ™ guarantees the repair or replacement of hardware within 120 minutes or the customer is refunded with a month’s free hosting. In practice, this is usually achieved within a much shorter time frame.

Dedicated Hosting Hardware Guarantee

1. We will give you the following support. The repair or replacement of:

1.1. network interface cards;
1.2. patch cables;
1.3. hard drives;
1.4. central processing units (CPUs);
1.5. fans that cause a CPU to fail;
1.6. memory;
1.7. motherboards;
1.8. power supplies

at no cost to you. If we need to install a new operating system, we must do so with the latest version of the operating system, unless you request otherwise