Legal Notices
Adult Content

Adult-oriented sites, designed for entertainment or commercial purposes, are not allowed on DigiServ™ servers. Forbidden sites include those that provide access to pornographic materials, whether for free or for payment, regardless of whether adult verification is used or not.

Exceptions are made for educational sites.

What does DigiServ consider as "Adult Material" ?

  • Any site whose revenue is gained in part or whole from its adult content.
  • Photos or videos showing frontal nudity on either men or women for nonscientific or non-artistic purposes
  • Photos or videos showing graphic violence or death.
  • Revenue-generating hyper links to sites who violate policy #1.

Why does DigiServ have this Policy?

Bandwidth and Resources 
A virtual server is a shared environment where many websites & domains reside on each particular server. This being said, consider that an average "adult site" gets more hits than 100 standard websites. Some of the smaller adult sites get around 5 GB of transfer per day. With these types of resources being utilized, our servers would be severely slowed if we allowed these high traffic sites to also reside on our servers. On top of that, we would be forced to raise our prices to pay for the additional bandwidth. We strive to keep our service offering fast and inexpensive, and our bandwidth clear; therefore, adult sites are not an option.

DigiServ™ reserves the right to decide what it considers "adult content", "adult material", "sexually explicit", or "sexually related". Let us know if you are unsure of the approval of your site before placing an order.