Customer Loyalty Program
We Reward Loyal Customers

Earn Reward Points with DigiServ

Because a simple “Thank You!” is so often lost in business today, we at DigiServ™ feel it is a very important part of business and want to recognise our most loyal customers, by giving something back to you. We strive to provide our customers with an amazing web hosting experience and we are also committed to thanking and rewarding our most loyal customers.

Here at DigiServ™ you can receive points for every Rand spent which can be exchanged for credit after you have more than 500 free points.

How points are earned


How points are lost

Sign up Bonus +200 First Invoice Overdue Notice -30
Activate Affiliate Account +100 Second Invoice Overdue Notice -50
Invoice Paid Before Due Date 3 x due amount Third Invoice Overdue Notice -80
Invoice Paid After Due Date 1 x due amount Late Fee added to Invoice -50
Upgrade Hosting Package +150 Service Suspension -100
Register a Domain +100 Service Cancellation -200
Successful Transfer of a Domain +5 Service Termination -200
Renew a Domain +100 Invoice Refund -200
Login to Client Area (once every 96 hours) +30
Ticket opened through the Client Area +15
Reply to a ticket through the Client Area +5
When DigiServ Accepts the Order +100
Un-Suspension of a Service +50
Successful Installation of a Service +100

All points expire after 180 days

1000 Reward Points = R2.50 [if you are client for more than 3 years]
1000 Reward Points = R2.00 [if you are client for more than 2 years]
1000 Reward Points = R1.50 [if you are client for more than 1 year]
1000 Reward Points = R1.00 [if you are client for less than 1 year]

How can I redeem my Reward Points?

You can redeem your Reward Points through your Client Area by converting it into Credits at anytime. You require a minimum of 500 Reward Points to do this. You can then use the credit obtained to pay invoices in your account or purchase additional products and services with us.

Note: You will not be able to withdraw the credits as money. Reward points are not transferable.