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One of our primary goals are true customer satisfaction. Our team works together to make that possible. If you ever encounter unsatisfactory customer service, please voice your complaints to either our Complaints Department or our Director.

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With over 16 years in this industry we are definitely not the new kids on the block. While we are not large, we believe that we offer some of the most competitive and stable products in the industry.

DigiServ Technologies - Accredited CO.ZA Registrar

CO.ZA Accredited Registrar

DigiServ is an official CO.ZA Accredited Registrar. There are numerous benefits to this such as; Instant domain registrations, real time processing of renewals, updates on contact details and/or nameserver changes. You have full control of your own domain via your Client Area.

24/7 Customer Support

Our friendly, well trained customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, even on public holidays. We don't make you wait days for a reply to your email, we usually respond within our maximum 3 hour response time! We are simply an email away from assistance.

We are a proud member of ISPA and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct by not registering domain names in our own name. All domain names are registered in your name as the rightful owner.





  Register Now Transfer Now R79 FREE R89/yr R79 FREE R89/yr R79 FREE R89/yr R79 FREE R89/yr
.uk R175 R175 R175/yr R175 R175 R175/yr R175 R175 R175/yr R175 R175 R175/yr
.com R229 R229 R229/yr
.biz R279 R279 R279/yr
.net R289 R289 R289/yr
.org R269 R269 R269/yr R1035 R1035 R1035/yr

* Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice due to Rand / Dollar exchange rate.
More Domains
.us R215 R215 R215/yr
.ca R335 R335 R335/yr
.name R229 R229 R229/yr
.info R315 R315 R315/yr
.mobi R379 R379 R379/yr
.eu R215 R215 R215/yr R219 R219 R219/yr
.me R360 R360 R360/yr
.de R199 R199 R199/yr R545 R545 R545/yr R545 R545 R545/yr
.cc R629 R629 R629/yr
.tv R819 R819 R819/yr
.co R600 R600 R600/yr R1115 N/A R1115/yr R1115 N/A R1115/yr R1115 N/A R1115/yr R1035 R1035 R1035/yr R1035 R1035 R1035/yr R1035 R1035 R1035yr R575 R575 R575/yr
.nl R210 R210 R210/yr
.fm R1840 N/A R1840/yr
.church R515 R515 R515/yr
.ninja R355 R355 R355/yr
.accountants R1450 R1450 R1450/yr
.academy R515 R515 R515/yr
.graphics R389 R389 R389/yr
.sexy R399 R399 R399/yr
.technology R370 R370 R370/yr
.company R370 R370 R370/yr
.systems R370 R370 R370/yr
.solutions R370 R370 R370/yr
.support R370 R370 R370/yr
.training R515 R515 R515/yr
.menu R610 R610 R610/yr
.email R370 R370 R370/yr
.equipment R370 R370 R370/yr
.domains R515 R515 R515/yr
.computer R515 R515 R515/yr
.dating R755 R755 R755/yr
.digital R515 R515 R515/yr
.finance R755 R755 R755/yr
.insure R755 R755 R755/yr
.singles R515 R515 R515/yr R340 R340 R340/yr
.best R1460 R1460 R1460/yr
.care R515 R515 R515/yr
.coach R769 R769 R769/yr
.consulting R515 R515 515/yr
.tips R370 R370 R370/yr
.partners R755 R755 R755/yr
.studio R420 R420 R420/yr

All cancellations must be received 35 days before due date of the annual domain name renewal. Any cancellation received after this could result in an additional term being billed by our automated billing system. Should payment for the annual domain name renewal not be received in time the relevant registrar may cancel (delete) your domain name from their root DNS servers.

Processing of Registrations

All domain name registration orders are activated upon confirmation of payment. The registration is then submitted to the appropriate registrar/registry to be processed. Majority, if not all, domain name registrations are processed automatically.

Domain Propagation

Domain propagation is the process of the registrar publishing the domain name (or changes) in the root DNS servers, ISPs acquire records from these root servers, ISPs to other ISPs and so on until you see the changes reflect on your computer with your internet service provider. Some service providers update their records more often than others and receive changes faster. As a result of this, often you will not be able to get to your website by its' domain name but a friend can. Simply wait out until the changes propagate to your ISP. Propagation can take anything from 5 minutes to 72 hours.


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Thank you for your email. So far I’m very impressed with the degree of service quality and delivery.

I certainly will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and business acquaintances.

- John Correia

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